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Party Tents

If you’re planning a party at home, whether it be a barbecue or summer garden party, a marquee is definitely worth considering. Booking a party marquee is the best way to not only create the perfect party space, but also to ensure that the weather doesn’t spoil your plans (or drive everyone into the house!).

There are so may different styles of party tents and marquee available now, it doesn’t have to be a huge construction that takes over the garden.  We have a range of tents to suit all occasions.

What is a party tent?

A party tent can be anything, from a smart marquee with tables for dinner and a dancefloor, to a simple stretch tent that will make sure your barbecue/bar area stays dry!  We have a great package that includes one of our fantastic Nomad stretch tents and includes some casual seating, low tables and accessories.  It’s designed to create the perfect chill-out area for a relaxed summer garden party, and provide a bit of shelter whatever the weather!

Plan your perfect party with Shades

There are often a few key things that determine what type, style or size of marquee is best for your party.  Our first questions when we speak with our clients are:

  1. When and where will the party be taking place? Time of year is obviously a key consideration when planning any party. The location also makes a difference – whether it’s a simple garden party tent, or party marquee outside a venue, access, how flat the land is and the available space all needs to be considered.
  2. How many guests do you envisage coming, and what are the timings? (this allows us to consider the size of tent we’d recommend, and also the lighting that would be required).
  3. What’s the format? Whether you’re considering a dinner and dancefloor, afternoon tea, barbecue or just drinks & canapés, this all makes a difference to the size of party tent you’ll need.
  4. Budget – often an area that people don’t know when initially considering whether to hire a tent for a party. Even just a ballpark is a helpful guide when considering all the options.  We’ll gladly work to a budget and make recommendations where possible to ensure you get the best value for your event.

Marquee furnishings

Over the past 10 years we have really developed our range of marquee furnishings. We have a great range of furniture, from bars to sofas, dining chairs to bar stools, cushions and lanterns, all designed to complement our party marquees.  All our most popular items are in a brochure, so that our clients can simply go through and decide which extras they prefer and would like to add to their marquee.

Lighting & decorations

We have some great lighting options for our outdoor party tents.  Often simple uplighters look perfect, but our festoon lighting or Edison lightbulbs also look amazing in the tents, adding a real wow factor.  The Aurora Sailcloth looks truly incredible with some patterned lighting projected at the ceiling – you can project anything onto the sailcloth tents.

Party food

We have met some truly great catering suppliers over the past few years and will gladly point you in the direction of people that we’ve worked with previously (and thought were great!).  Everything from amazing barbecues to pizza pods, caterers with fabulous cheese tables to fish & chip vans.  One of the main advantages of having a party in a marquee rather than at a fixed venue is that the choice of suppliers is less restricted, so you really can create your perfect event using the people you want.

Typical events for party marquees

Party marquees are often booked for a range of events, including the following:

  • Birthday parties
  • Garden parties
  • Anniversaries & special events
  • Christmas parties

Party Tent FAQs

This depends on the number of guests you’re inviting, the format of your event and the space you have available to put it up. Once we know these things, it allows us to make recommendations for your event based on the tents we have.

We have some really great party tent packages available. Our Nomad Oasis Tent is available to hire from just £650 + vat and can be put up in a few hours the day before or even the morning of your event.

All our tents come with a sturdy coir matting floor. The Aurora Sailcloth and Nomad Hybrid both have window walls that ensure they are weather-proof too – we recommend the Hybrid Wave especially for a party in winter or where the weather is less likely to be warm.

Absolutely! We have dancefloors available if one is required – we often find that they can be the most important part of the party!

We often recommend keeping an allowance in for heaters, even for summer events. We then usually try to make a call on whether these are going to be required a week or 2 before the event. Often they do come into their own later in the evening so they’re not to be overlooked! Naturally if you’re planning a less formal party in a tent with no walls then the heating is less relevant.

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