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Nomad Oasis Stretch Tent

Published on 10th December 2019 by Jenny Mason

The Nomad Stretch Tent is the latest addition to our portfolio – also known as a ‘capri’ tent, these stylish canopies are ideal for garden parties, celebrations and barbecues.  The images below are of our latest Nomad Tent – new for 2019 will be the Hybrid Nomad.

The Hybrid Nomad Stretch Tent is ideal for marquee weddings – offering all the best features of a sailcloth tent and tipi rolled into one! It combines the warmth and cosiness of a tipi, with the practicality of the sailcloth tents, and even includes removable window walls which makes it perfect for weddings, whatever the weather.

For more information about our Nomad Stretch Tents, do contact us, and we’ll be happy to hear your plans.

Jenny Mason

Jenny Mason

Sales & Marketing Support

With a background that covers restaurants, hotels and event management, Jenny works part time for Shades.

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